Monday, February 16, 2015

Even an Artist Needs an Art Day

One of my creations from Art Day 2-15-15 - NFS
These past few weeks have been spent getting my Creative Soul Revival website and on-line shops updated in addition to getting products ready to deliver to the gift shop at Flower Farm Inn in Loomis, CA.  I've been in the glass studio fusing new garden art pieces and painting new wood panel pieces for their Grand Re-Opening which happened this weekend and am now working on two new commission pieces.  I'm having a ball making tons of art but it's a lonely business sometimes and I've been in need of some outside inspiration.

When one of my art buddies said she was hosting an art day, I jumped for joy!  For many years now I've had the pleasure and fortune to share art days with three wonderfully generous and talented friends, Cheryl, Lynn and Diane.  We each take turns hosting these special days and the hostess is responsible for picking an art project, and providing materials and food.  Over the years we've made some amazing projects and had so much fun.  I treasure these days with my friends!

Here are some more photos of yesterday's art day - Cheryl's theme was "A New Life" and we picked objects from a chest of things that we painted, collaged, took apart and reassembled into something new.
Here's the chest of "old" things we got to pick from for our "A New Life" theme

Art supplies to use for repurposing our item of choice

Baskets of fun goodies to select from for using with our item

More baskets of goodies to choose from

Beautiful yarns

Percy, the muse assisting with our selections

Percy and Amadeus keeping watch over the goods

Some finished pieces

More finished masterpieces

Lynn's new "Buddha Man"

Two of Diane's amazing new masterpieces

Cheryl wrapped an antler with the beautiful yarns and added small talismans

My repurposed "God Box" for storing intentions - the inside is lined with beautiful antique paper with Chinese writing

Cheryl's statement piece about saving the elephants in Africa

Lynn's assemblage box includes the Creature from the Black Lagoon

Friday, February 6, 2015

All Dressed Up and So Many Places to Go!

"All Dressed Up" - oil painting on unstretched canvas - 7" x 6" - SOLD
2015 has started off in a flurry of activity for this creative entrepreneur.  I began the year with a commitment to create 30 new paintings in 30 days while working behind the artistic scenes to turn over my small property management business to a new company.  Despite being an easy transition, there are so many details that go into turning over a business and right now I'm exhausted but excited about the many opportunities coming my way.

Early last year I decided it was time to change the branding for my art business and basically redirected my artistic goals. I closed my studio that was open to the public and focused on painting and doing some commission work. After a lot of soul searching, meditation and just quiet time with my Self, I decided it was time to refocus my marketing efforts and that 2015 would be my year to get back to doing on-line sales and promoting my work commercially.  Because I like to paint in series and do large works, a lot of my art is ideally suited for big walls (think lobby art) and with my real estate development background, I know how to work with the designers and art consultants.

I'm excited to get my new websites completed and have fixed up my home studio (aka garage) for my glass and clay art.  My former home office/spare bedroom will be turned into a painting studio/marketing arena and I can't wait to start offering classes to the public!

The website Creative Soul Revival will be for promoting my classes and I'll be sharing the ups and downs, the ins and outs and the good, bad and the ugly of the new art adventures right here on my blog.  Stay tuned - I have a feeling 2015 is going to be a fun filled and rocking good year!!