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Zenscapes 8 and 8a

"Zenscape - 8" - 4" x 4" oil painting on unstretched canvas - $44 plus shipping

"Zenscape - 8a" - 4" x 4" oil painting on unstretched canvas - $44 plus shipping
I'm afraid I've already lost track of which days are in the challenge here are the offerings for today - Zenscape 8 and Zenscape 8a. 

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The 100 Day Project - 100 Zenscapes

"Zenscapes - 1" -  4" x 4" oil painting on canvas paper - $44 plus shipping

Call me crazy but I drank the KoolAid (again) if I don't have enough on my art plate already!!  But here goes - 100 days straight of creating something.  Anything at all - it could be writing poems; transplanting succulents; creating coffee drinks; etc.  Anything your little heart desires - just pick one thing and do it for 100 days.  Starts April 27, 2016 and ends July 27, 2016.

This challenge was started by Elle Luna, a popular Bay area writer.  Apparently there are 25,000+ people from all over the world doing this and I'm excited to see the offerings - I'm sure there will be some spectacular projects!

If you're on Instagram, search for the hashtag #the100dayproject for more project details.  While you're there, look for #100Zenscapes (my hashtag) and if you aren't already doing so, you can follow me on Instagram - I'm at @judyjacobsart

I picked "Zenscapes" for my project - small (manageable) 4" x 4" original minimalist oil paintings on canvas paper.  I knew with 2 big shows coming up and a crack at a big commission for a hospital, I would need to do something small, so for the next 100 days, watch for my little works of art - all work will be 4" x 4" matted in either a 8" x 8" mat or a 9" x 9" mat, selling for $44 plus shipping.

If you see something you like and want to purchase, email me at or purchase direct at one of my on-line venues:  My Artfinder Shop or My ETSY Store.

Thank you for following along - and if you want to join in, it's not too late - just go to Instagram and look up #the100dayproject and follow the instructions.  Then let me know what your tag is and I'll follow your journey!