Monday, March 23, 2015

Paintings 18 - 23 of the 100 Paintings Challenge

I thought I was starting to get the hang of the painting and posting and but apparently is a collage of the latest six offerings of the 100 Paintings challenge.  I'm happy to report this series seems to be a hit with my collectors and have sold 6 of the 23 paintings already.  I also created a small book on Shutterfly titled "Simple Balance" utilizing all of the paintings made through today.  I've been wanting to put another compilation of paintings into a book and was thrilled when Shutterfly sent me a coupon for a free 8" x 8" hardcover book!! 

I am starting to get a little bored with the vessel series but have several more in the works so may be shifting subject matter.  I'm not sure -- I accepted the challenge with the idea of doing neutral colors only but became enthralled with the vases/vessels and endless compositions available, so I'm not sure.  I have a big show coming up at the end of April so need to get busy with making some new art for that event in addition to finishing 3 commissions I've been avoiding. 

Procrastination is often my friend, so I'll probably be posting a few more group photo in the days to come.  Only 77 more paintings to go - wish me luck!!!