Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Studio Sale - A Little Something Different

This week I'm getting ready for my first Studio Sale in over 5 years.  I used to do one or two a year  but once I had my Midtown studio I stopped having them.  With the Midtown studio closing in January, 2014,  I've managed to amass a huge collection of inventory, and what you see in these photos below is just a drop in the bucket.  I've got paintings stacked in my hallway; my bedroom; my inside office and my shed outdoors.  Did I ever mention I am also a glass artist?  Yep - lots of glass goodies too.  Time to purge.  I need to release these little gems and decided to do something really different.  Are you ready for this??

Here's the deal:  No prices -- people will tell me what they want to pay and it's theirs. 

My artist friends tell me I am crazy for doing this and perhaps I am - but I truly believe each and every person who attends my sale believes in the value of hand-made creations and will pay something to own an original piece of my art.

Why am I doing this?  I've got many reasons but a few of them are:

1. I have managed to create and collect a huge collection of my work which represents my half-century journey as an artist.  This means I have a TON of work I just can't throw away and there's simply no room to store it anymore.  I'd rather let it go to someone who would love it versus tossing or donating it to the Good Will (I did this recently and a friend of mine unknowingly gave me back one of my sculptures as a hostess gift - I SWEAR!)

2.  Since I began concentrating on my art career, I've been blessed with friends, family, collectors, and students who have supported me beyond my wildest dreams.  This is my way of giving back to all of you for your love and support of my journey.

3.  I believe when you let things go, you are left with an empty space that allows new things to come into your life.  I've experienced this with people, relationships, situations and "stuff."  I'm at a point where I'm exploring some new directions with my art plus I'm ready for some changes in my own life, and you're welcome to help me make it happen!

I've posted a lot of work in past posts on my blog, and there's even more on my website.  

And today I've decided to extend this special deal to my blog readers -- that's YOU!  

Just check out the sites and if you see something that interests you, make me an offer.  If the painting doesn't have the dimensions or you want to know more about it, just ask.  You can email me at:

And if you already know about the piece and want to purchase it, just tell me the name of the painting and the price you feel it's worth.  If it's reasonable (don't worry about insulting me - I've got thick skin) it's yours plus shipping costs.  

I take PayPal, VISA/MasterCard, and of course cash.  I will even arrange payments if you want -- let's make a deal!