Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Back to Blogger - at last!

In 2013 I set up a new business called "Creative Soul Revival" and was able to obtain all the social media platforms my little heart desired including my Pinterest board, a Facebook page, my Twitter account, an Instagram page and my own ETSY shop.  I also grabbed a website with the name that is still a work in progress as well as a separate Wordpress blog and Tumblr blog.  The last two were out of desperation because I couldn't get this name on Blogger which was my first choice.

I had tried reaching out to the owner of the already taken but nobody's home.  They hadn't made any posts to the blog and there isn't a contact name or number.  There was nothing Blogger could do either - they let me know they aren't in the business of tracking down non-published domain operators and I totally understand.  That said, I had an active blog with Blogger for several years called Coming Abstractions and I wanted to build my new blog through them since I already knew how to use it.  Honestly I've tried to figure out WordPress and Tumblr but feel so overwhelmed that today I finally said "ENOUGH!" and am taking "My Creative Soul Revival" as my official Blogger name.

I'm excited to start blogging again using and now feel complete with my social media and on-line choices.  I'm sure there will be others that will come along that I need or want to try but for now I'm a happy camper.  After taking most of 2014 off to rebrand my business and my direction with my art career, I'M BACK!!  I'm excited to start over with this new idea and concept and look forward to explaining more in future posts.