Saturday, December 19, 2015

Handmade Ornament Swap

Earlier this month, my talented beading friend Karen Williams hosted a "Handmade Ornament Swap" and I  jumped on board.  I was paired with an incredibly talented beader and chain maille artist,  Tanya Goodwin from Kansas.  We quickly connected and exchanged information, then I went to my studio to see what I could make.

I'm in awe of what "true beaders" create and am in love with their intricate designs.  However, I know my skill and patience level are shall we say, lacking?  Knowing my limitations, I set out to make a fused glass/lamp-worked bead design that might delight my partner.

Here's what Tanya sent me - and I have to tell you I was gobsmacked when I opened the package that came in the mail.

Chain Maille Christmas Tree pendant/ornament made with tiny green rubber rings and teeny anodized aluminum jump rings with a pendant holder and sweet gold star added - I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

After I drooled a bit over the beautiful Christmas tree pendant (currently being used as an ornament),  I noticed there was another little package in the box, waiting to be opened. 

One side of the beautiful beaded flower/star beaded ornament

The other side of the beautiful beaded flower/star beaded ornament

Inside was an exquisite two sided flower/star ornament made with the tiniest beads ever in the exact oceany colors that I have in my living and dining rooms.  This ornament has amazing texture and dimension, and is going to be staying in my living room year-round.  It's simply beautiful and perfect in every way, and I'm beyond thrilled.  Thank you Tanya - you rock!!!

So this was what I sent Tanya - a 3.5" x 3.5" square glass ornament/window catcher made of fused glass with a "hangy-dangy" made with torched glass/lamp worked beads.

My humble offering - a fused glass ornament/sun catcher

3.5" x 3.5" square fused glass with dichroic "goobers" and noodles in shape of a Peace sign

Lamp worked beads with copper findings - "hangy-dangy" attached to bottom of Peace symbol

What a fun ornament swap and once again I was blessed to have been paired with yet another wonderfully generous and talented partner.  This was the first ornament exchange I've ever done and I'm grateful to Karen for hosting the challenge and for letting me participate (Karen and I "met" years ago when we were each other's partner for a Bead Soup exchange).  Merry Christmas to Tanya and Karen and their families, and to all of you too - I hope your Holidays are filled with lots of peace, love and joy!


  1. I love your ornament! the colors are beautiful and vibrant and will look wonderful on the tree or in the window catching the light.

  2. Thank you again for being my partner. The ornament is gorgeous and will also keep me company all year round. :). I like Cynthia's idea of hanging it in the window. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!

  3. What beautiful designs from both of you! And I love that Tanya's oh-so-detailed flower and your fused glass ornament could both easily be displayed year-round.

    Thank you so much for helping to make my first Ornament Swap a success! Merry Christmas to you, too!

  4. I'm so delighted to see all the different ideas from this exchange! Both of these are just wonderful, and so different!! The glass orny will make a wonderful sun-catcher, and those starflowers are just amazing. Nice work, ladies!

  5. What a fun thing to do with fused glass! I make fused glass too, but hadn't even thought about making ornaments. Hmm, this is giving me ideas. --Francie