Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It's Time for Bead Soup Again!!!

So what does a painter|glass artist do when she's not creating with sharp/sticky mediums??  Jewelry and beads!!  I'm excited to be participating again in the wonderful "Bead Soup Blog Party" again hosted by Lori Anderson of Pretty Things Blog .  

Despite raising a family and fighting Lyme Disease, Lori manages to somehow pull together the strength, time and energy to sponsor a very popular bead exchange event for us Beadies and let me tell you, I'm very grateful as are all the other participants.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the BSBP, we are each assigned a partner to exchange beads with; and we create something using those beads.  One requirement for this year's exchange is we must give something we treasure.  For me, I wanted my partner to have a lamp worked bead from the German glass bead artist named Anastasia.  Her beads are incredibly beautiful and intricate, and I own a few, but have never quite been able to bring myself to make anything with them.  When Lori said we needed to let go of something we hoard, I knew this was my opportunity.  You can see more of Anastasia's beads here and you'll see what I mean.....amazing, right??!!!

For my BSBP partner, I was assigned a wonderful jewelry artist from Colorado named Leslie Scholz. You can see some of her fabulous jewelry here in her ETSY store, and follow her blog if you get a chance.  I love her style, and am beyond excited to see what she sends for me to create with.  I know I'll be enchanted with anything she gives me.

Here are photos of what I sent to Leslie, including a focal and two spacer beads from Anastasia:
A photo of the box I used for the beads - of course I had to add my own creative touch!

Inside the box I put the beads in chiffon bags - I wrapped tissue around the Anastasia beads
because I didn't want them to get damaged in transit

Here's a shot of what was inside the box - I kind of went overboard with sending so many
things, but I wanted to make sure Leslie had plenty of options to choose from when designing
her piece for the reveal.  The only requirement is she must use the main bead - but she's also
welcome to make additional items with the other beads, if she chooses.  I included some bits
of jasper; a couple spacer beads from Anastasia, tiny round bone beads, one of my glass sea beads
and a round tan bead; a bakalite bead and some miscellaneous beads including a metal Chinese coin.

And here are the beads from Anastasia along with a sterling clasp 

Another closeup of Anastasia's beads and one of my own glass "sea beads"
at the bottom left.  I haven't torched in a couple years
and want to make more of these organic, frosted beads.

A closeup of the front of Anastasia's bead - check out that stringer work!
And here's a shot of the back of the bead.  Beautiful, front and back.

Leslie has already sent her bead package off to me and I'll post photos when I get it this week.  I'm excited to stop painting for a bit and start making some jewelry.  BTW - the big "Reveal" is Saturday, March 25 - stay tuned for more details!

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