Friday, February 17, 2017

My Package Arrived for the Bead Soup Challenge - I Can't Wait to Start "Cooking!"

Look what came in the mail today?? My "Bead Soup" package from Leslie Scholz, my exchange partner from Denver, Colorado!!

The package is a small, delicate little box wrapped in pink tissue paper and tied with the most beautiful and soft pink bow.  I'm so saving the yarn for another project I have in mind.....and here's what was inside:

The picture does not do justice to these babies.  The little round beads are small multi-colored glass beads that go beautifully with the exquisite glass pink peacock button (which I believe is a vintage piece of pressed glass - truly a treasure!).  AND a sterling silver purse charm plus two small enamel metal flowers that Leslie made herself.  I hit the Mother Lode!  Here are some close-ups:

The color of this button is breath taking and I absolutely love it.  It will not become a piece of jewelry but will become a focal point of something else I'm going to create for the Bead Soup challenge - you'll just have to wait and see.  I don't know how old this piece is but it is definitely vintage and it's captured my heart big time.  

Leslie said she purchased these soft, delicate glass beads at the same vintage market and believes they may be Venetian glass.  I concur - they are tiny glass beads rolled in soft shades of pink, blue and yellow "frit" which is tiny shards of glass the lampworkers roll the beads in to create the mottled look.  They are gorgeous and I see at least two new jewelry designs happening with them.....

These small metal flowers were made by Leslie herself!  I haven't confirmed it yet, but I believe they are enamel on metal, and I'm making earrings out of them.  They are the palest of lavender, pinks and yellows, and they are simply fantastic.

And lastly, there's the sterling silver purse.  IT OPENS!!!  I've never seen anything like this before and I LOVE it.  I'm not sure how I'm going to use this particular gem but I do know I'm not ever parting with it.  How did Leslie know I love purses??  I think perhaps a small, dainty necklace or just keep it on a shelf, where I can tuck my mental wishes inside.....truly a magical piece.

So - these beautiful presents are what I'll be creating things with over the next few weeks.  I am so very grateful to have drawn Leslie as my exchange partner - her generous and thoughtful gifts have made me so excited to get started, and I'm anxious to share the new creations with you on the 25th March. Stay tuned - I'll post the links as soon as I get them.

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