Monday, January 30, 2017

Can't Stop Painting the "Wisdom of Winter" series!

Collage of the "Wisdom of Winter" series for the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge
Each painting is acrylic on paper, and measures 24" x 18" - and they sell for $295 each including free shipping
I have to say I'm smitten with this series for a number of reasons, and just because the challenge is officially over as of today, it doesn't mean I'm going to stop painting more for the "Wisdom of Winter" series!  Why exactly do I want to continue?

1.  I really like the neutral tones and moodiness of these works, and am falling in love with working on this wonderful French watercolor paper I found from Canson.  It's affordable; flexible; and strong enough to take a massive beating (I absolutely pummel my substrates like a mad woman).

2.  Working on paper has its advantages in that it's easy to store; takes up very little room; and is a size that interior designers and art consultants seem to use often.

3.  I want to continue exploring the abstract landscapes further, and want to incorporate additional colors into the palette I've been using (cool pinks, purples, and oranges).  

4.  This past weekend I sold 3 paintings from this series including 1 to the UK and another to a dental office in Australia.  I really feel many of these works would do very well in medical settings, and plan on promoting them to the consultants and designers as such.

5.  Shipping is a breeze!  I simply place the painting in a cellophane bag; roll it up carefully to fit inside a mailing tube; and take it to the post office where they type up the mailing labels for me.  So much cheaper than shipping a canvas the same size.

6.  I'm on a roll and I really don't want to stop.  Eventually I will want to get my dining room back to a usable dining table (for entertaining); but I don't have any social gigs planned this next month so why not keep painting?

7.  My social media numbers have jumped quite a bit since I've been posting consistently, and I want to grow my audience.

8.  I have a marketing campaign planned that I'm excited about, and will be using the images from this series for it.  

9. I want to continue being able to offer affordable, original works for sale.

10.  My mission for 2017 is to sell a LOT more art, and I plan on adding more work to this particular series as well as my popular "Vessels" and "Table Talk" series.  

This challenge has given me the push I needed to get the New Year started in high gear, and I am going for it!  I thank you all for your wonderful comments and continued support, and hope you stick around and follow the journey.